There are more students who leave their homes to pursue a college degree. Being away for the first time makes them vulnerable to various problems and one of these are health problems. Maryland Bio Center Health Advocate was established with the top reason to cater to the ever increasing number of students who are exposed to health hazards in their new environment.

Sorting out problems raised by students, among the more common problems that lead to health issues are alcoholism, depression, pre-marital sex and drug use. Professional guidance and expert opinion are provided  by our highly trained counselors who deal with each issue in a discreet and personalized approach while medical problems are dealt with by respected medical professionals. We have true-to- life stories of past students who experienced similar health problems and how they were able to come up victorious against health problems.

We do not only promote health consciousness among students but we also inspire them to be successful professionals in the future by teaching them to combat impediments along their scholastic journey. One of these impediments is obviously nagging health problems.