How to Properly Store CBD Oil

In the recent past, CBD oil has been quite popular as a natural remedy. The majority of people are slowly embracing the product as a result of its plenty of potential benefits.  It has a wide range of benefits, such as relieving pain, improving mental health, and heart health. It is best if you get CBD oil from a licensed vendor to avoid buying fake products.

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and lacks the THC, which gives the high psychoactive element. When buying CBD oil, ensure you check out for lab testing, credentials of the vendor, find out the extraction process, and get to know where the hemp plant is grown. It is essential to understand that proper storage of CBD oil helps you keep reaping the benefits of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBD packagingProperly storing your CBD products not only helps preserve their potency, but also the vital terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other elements. It makes CBD oil such a sought-after wellness product. Knowing how to store your CBD oil best ensures you are getting the best results when taking it. The following are the storage measures to observe:

Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Many hemp-derived CBD oils come in packaging designed to protect from light damage. It will help if you do not expose CBD oils and edibles to direct sunlight. CBD content can degrade when placed near a sunny window, a car dashboard, or on a counter. The recommended place to store your CBD oil is in the pantry, where it is dark, cold, and dry. CBD oils last longer in these conditions. Also, you may store CBD in the refrigerator, which remains dark except for short periods when the door is open and by wrapping it with aluminum foil.

Keep CBD Away from Heat

Heat can ruin your CBD oil, that is why it is essential to store your salve away from extreme heat. While CBD oil is an organic and pure substance derived from the cannabis plant, the extraction process can never guarantee 100% purity. There are minerals in the oil that react differently to heat and change the properties of the CBD content. Warmth makes the oil look murky and butterier.

Keep CBD Away from Air

CBD storageSimilar to direct heat and light, exposure to air can degrade your CBD oil and significantly reduce its effectiveness. Oxygen can alter the chemical balance of CBD oil. Manufacturers take into account the amount of exposure to air and heat when extracting and bottling CBD oil to maximize effectiveness and potency.