Differentiating Andarine from Other SARMs

Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs had gained prominence when bodybuilders began thinking about their health. Before, most bodybuilders were into steroids, which gave them big muscles they crave for. With SARMs, however, bodybuilders can have massive muscles while maintaining their well-being.

SARMs are safer alternatives than steroids because, as their name says, they are selective. They do not bind with any other androgen receptors in different body organs but only to those found in muscles and bones. This explains why SARMs are best in muscle building and strengthening bones without the side effects on other body organs.

Because many kinds of SARMs being introduced in the fitness industry as fitness products, it may look challenging to differentiate one from the other.

For anadarine, here are some details that you should know..

It’s Perfect for Transition

Selective androgen receptor modulators can be best differentiated by their potency. It is well-known that ligandrol must be the most potent SARM. In contrast, ostarine is considered the mildest of them all. Andarine can be found in between.

This makes andarine perfect for those transitioning from mild SARMs like ostarine to the more potent like testolone and ligandrol. By going for andarine during a transition period, the body will be able to adjust first.

Its Benefits

Like all other SARMs, andarine builds lean muscle mass, strengthens bones, burns fats, hastens recovery, and increase strength. Its advantage over other SARMs is it can enhance body recomposition and does not lead to water retention.

Its Side Effects

Because andarine is not a powerful SARM, its side effects can only be traced when there is abuse, overuse, and misuse. The most common side effect characteristic of andarine abuse is a distorted vision with a yellowish tinge. It can also suppress testosterone production. Other side effects include nausea, fatigue, muscle pain, and headache.

Its Dosage

Beginners are advised to start at 25 mg, while seasoned users can take as much as 70 mg. Andarine has a short half-life of eight hours, so that you may split the dose in two.

Its Stacking Options

Andarine is perfect for body recomposition. This means that it is excellent for bulking and cutting. For cutting, you can combine it with Testolone and for bulking, combine it with Ostarine for best results.

While Andarine may not be the most potent SARM, you still have to go through a Post Cycle Therapy after each cycle. This will help your body recover and free you from the ill effects of prolonged suppression of testosterone production.

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