Buying Tips for Green Tea Supplements

Green tea is said to be a very healthy beverage. It helps in weight loss and keeps cancers and cardiovascular diseases at bay. It also improves dental health. There are several green tea extracts out there, and you must be wondering which one will serve your needs best. Here, we will give you a few guidelines on choosing the best green tea supplement for your needs.

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Decide What You Want

The first step in choosing the right green tea supplement is deciding what you want to get from green tea. Is it weight loss or energy boost? Remember that each green tea extract performs its own unique role in your body. There are those that help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite. Others are good at detoxifying your body and boosting your energy levels. A few green tea extracts are rich in Vitamin C. If you want to improve the cognitive function of your brain, there is also the right green tea extract that you should take. In general, you should decide what you are looking for in a green tea extract before going to look for one.

Pick the Best Dealer

Once you have decided what you want to get from green tea extracts, choose a reputable green tea supplement dealer. It is easy to be scammed when buying green tea extracts. The supplement industry is not heavily regulated, and there are unscrupulous traders out there who are out to cheat you out of your hard-earned money. Choose a supplier that deals in high-quality, tried and tested green tea extracts that will give you what you are looking for in a green tea supplement.

green leavesThe Ingredients

Even after choosing the right dealer, you still want to confirm that you buy a green tea supplement whose ingredients are safe for human consumption. Look for green tea extracts with a high ratio of antioxidants to other ingredients. You also want to check the caffeine content in the extract if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Read Reviews

As a rule of thumb, you should never buy a dietary supplement without reading reviews from real users. All supplements have side effects, and it is always good to know what to expect from one before you take it. In general, real user reviews always give you an idea of what to expect from a certain supplement. They highlight the pros and cons of the supplement in question, helping you make an informed decision. Several review websites can be of help.


Finally, you should look for a green tea extract whose price is reasonable. Remember that you should not look for the cheapest supplement, as cheap is always expensive when it comes to dietary supplements. Precisely, cheap green tea extracts are those with more caffeine content than antioxidant content, for example. In general, instead of looking for the cheapest green tea extract out there, look for the best quality extract whose price is reasonable. This way, you will get great value for your money.


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